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Christopher Shin

Musical Theatre Performer, Choreographer, Teacher

"She (Loretta Ables Sayre) is supported by impressive, funny, and heartfelt performances by James Seol (Ching Ho) and Christopher Shin (Bun Foo), who soon became two of my favorite characters in this production." -Joseph Harrison,


"Other standout performances include Christopher Shin as the sweetly sympathetic Tin Man...." 

-Rebecca Rendell, Talkin' Broadway

" and the multi talented Christopher Shin as the rusted Tin Man who turns in an impressive tap dance ditty to rouse the already excited crowd." -Pati Buehler,

"...and Christopher Shin, as a man who represents a small town that needs capital to build itself into a thriving mercantile center... Shin is especially good at showing the sincerity in his character..." -NealsPaper (



"...and “My State” with Tammany O’Halloran (Christopher Shin) among others are show stoppers." -David Christner, The Newport Daily News



"....starting with the delicious "Try Me," sung thrillingly by Christopher Shin as the delivery boy, Arpad, revealing his long-held desire to be recognized for his potential as a clerk.  It is indeed one of the best performances of this number this reviewer has seen, especially since it is merely used as a throw-away number at the top of the act.  Here it is filled with emotion, desire, longing, and, yes, decency." -Andrew Beck, Hartford Arts Examiner


"Chris Shin as the delivery boy Arpad was charming and sang like a dream in "Try Me..." -Frank Rizzo, Behind The Curtain


"Christopher Shin's exceptional singing voice, disarming manner and skillful movements let Arpad fulfill his promise of promotion from young delivery boy to maturing sales clerk." -Sherry Shameer Cohen, New England Entertainment Digest Online


"...and an all-too-brief burst of powerful baritone singing comes from Christopher Shin as Mark." -Sally Applegate,  North Shore Sunday


"There are fine performances from Dwayne Tan and Christopher Shin as her henchmen, Thomas. Tan and Shin are an absolute riot with 'Muqin.' " -Tom Woods, The Citizen


"But three actors are spot-on, given over fully to the moment and their own eccentric, extravagant selves: ...and a chorus lad, Christopher Shin, shining in a brief stint as Debris' exotic houseboy, Sabu." -Barbara Adams, Ithaca Times

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